06 Patrick Reilly/Perrys & Reilly Brewery (1819-1844)

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Patrick Reilly/Perrys & Reilly Brewery  (1819-1844)

Irish immigrant Patrick (O’)Reilly established his brewery at the SW corner of Pike & Congress Streets in 1819 making it the 4th brewery operation in Cincinnati at that time (along with Embree, Ernst, and Wood’s breweries).By 1825, brothers Joseph & Samuel Perry had joined, and they were listed in the city directory as the Perrys & Reilly Brewery. By 1840, Patrick Reilly had died, and his wife Mary Anne, and eventually his sons took over until the brewery closed in 1844.

Patrick-O-Reilly brewery - 1834 Cincinnati city directory
Excerpt from 1834 Deming city directory