About Us

John Southwood Cincinnati Brewing History

My name is John Southwood, I'm 24 and a former UC student, and Cincinnati native. The site itself is the result of a personal project that my father and I have been working on for some time now. We had originally begun selling vintage and antique maps and Cincinnati relevant artworks. At one point I had the idea to take one of these maps and plot as many of the Cincinnati breweries of the past on the map as I could. I wasn't sure if there would be a market for the map, but I figured that it intrigued me, so maybe it would interest others as well.

Three of my biggest passions are Cincinnati, beer, and history, so the map was a very organic growth out of that. The many hours of research required for the creation of the map led to the discovery of a previously undocumented brewery in operation in Cincinnati in 1806, making it the oldest known brewery to have existed in the city. After hours upon hours of research for the map we began to realize that there were many other inaccuracies between the varying accounts and resources on the subject matter. At this point with all of the research we had put in, we figured that we were just as qualified and knowledgeable as anyone else on the subject matter and began to build this website to provide information on the Cincinnati breweries and the industry that it maintained.