First Cincinnati Bottled Beer

Peter Jonte Brewery  (1835-1855)

French immigrant Peter (Pierre) Jonte and cousin Friederick Billiods started the Billiods & Jonte Brewery in 1831 at the SE corner of Sycamore and Abigail (12th Street). By 1835, Billiods left to open the Lafayette Brewery on Hamilton Rd (McMicken), and Jonte operated the original site as the Peter Jonte Brewery from 1835-1855 producing ales, porters and stouts. 

This black glass bottle was found in a local dig, and would have been produced in that time period.

P. Jonte Brewery - Cincinnati city dir 1836-1837
excerpt from Cincinnati city directory 1836-1837


This 10″ black glass ale bottle holds 700 ml and weighs just over 2 pounds empty and 3.5 pounds full; a full 6-pack would have you hauling a hefty 21 pounds home!