44 Middlewood/Buckeye Brewery (1856-1860)

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Middlewood/Buckeye Brewery  (1856-1860)

George Middlewood Jr. and Matthew Middlewood were operating a brewery under the name of “Middlewood and Brother,” since 1849 after succeeding their father, George Sr.

“In 1856, the Middlewoods moved the brewery to 249 West Fourth Street and adopted the name ‘Buckeye Brewery’ which is not to be confused with Koehler’s Buckeye Brewery. The Middlewood Brewery closed in 1860. George Middlewood sold the Brighton malt house to George Renner, the brewer and maltster, and returned to his home of birth, England. Middlewood never returned to America.” Cincinnati Breweries, Robert J. Wimberg  (1997)

Buckey Brewery Excerpt from the 1859 Williams' Cincinnati City Directory
Excerpt from the 1859 Williams’ Cincinnati City Directory