76 Main Street Brewery/Queen City Brewing Co. (1994-1999)

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Main Street Brewery  (1994-1999) “Vince Bryant, Jim Elkus and other investors incorporated as the Queen City Brewing Company at 1203 Main Street in Over-the-Rhine. As Cincinnati’s first brewery/restaurant, it began operation in 1994. In its first year the brewery produced 2,240 barrels of beer making it the most productive in Ohio among brewpubs. Special “hand-crafted” beers include: Main Street Pale Ale, Woody’s Wheat, Abigail’s Amber, Over-the-Rhine Raz, Steamboat Stout, which won a silver medal at the 1995 Great American Beer Festival, Golden Ale, St. Barnabas Brown Ale and others.” Cincinnati Breweries, Robert J. Wimberg  (1997) The brewery would close in 1999 to undergo renovations in order to reopen under a restaurant focused business model.
Main Street Brewing Co.