01 James Dover Brewery (1806-1811)

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James Dover Brewery  (1806-1811)

In July 1806, James Dover placed an advertisement in the leading (actually the only) media outlet of the day … the Liberty Hall & Cincinnati Mercury newspaper for a large volume of brewing ingredients:

  • 500 pounds of well cured HOPS
  • 1,000 bushels of good BARLEY
  • 1,000 gallons of well-strained HONEY

… to be delivered to his “Brew & Bake-house in Sycamore street opposite the Market-house“.

Liberty Hall & Cincinnati Mercury newspaper
1805 population from 1853 Cincinnati city directory

The 1853 city directory listed “2 brewers” among the city’s professions in 1805 without identifying them by name; Dover was probably one of those, but the other is unknown.