20 Franklin Brewery (1844-1849)

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Franklin Brewery  (1844-1849)

John Kauffmann operated the Franklin Brewery on Lebanon Pike (now Reading Road), near Deer Creek, the water source for the brewery. Kauffmann’s nephew, John F. Kauffmann, became the brewery’s superintendent in 1845. The elder Kauffmann died later in that year, and John F. stayed at The Franklin Brewery until 1849 to help his aunt. In 1855 Kaufmann’s widow sold the rights to her nephew, George F. Eichenlaub, and Rudolph Rheinbold, who in 1859 relocated the business to Vine St. where it became known as the Kauffman Brewery.

Excerpt from 1848-49 Williams' City Directory
Excerpt from 1848-49 Williams’ City Directory