15 Fleischmann Saloon & Brewery (1834-1841)

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Fleischmann Saloon & Brewery  (1834-1841)

In 1834 Karl Ludwig Fleischmann began brewing beer to supply his saloon a few blocks south on Main Street, and by 1836 was partnered with a man named Camille Agneil in the Bavarian Brewery. The construction of his lager brewery and cellars had financially over-extended Fleischmann, and he was forced to sell the business in 1841. Fleischmann’s Bavarian Brewery is rumored to have been the first Cincinnati brewery to have produced lager beer.

excerpt from 1836-37 Cincinnati city directory
Fleischmann Saloon & Brewery George M. Herancourt
noted brewer George M. Herancourt
Fleischmann Saloon & Brewery George Herancourt quote Cinti Enquirer 10-29-1922
George Herancourt quote Cincinnati Enquirer OCT-29-1922