08 Attee/Lofthouse & Attee/Eagle Brewery (1825-1857)

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Attee/Lofthouse & Attee/Eagle Brewery (1825-1857)

As early as 1825 William Attee is listed in the Hall City Directory as being a brewer by occupation. By the time of the publication of the 1929 City Directory, William Attee and William Lofthouse are listed as being in business as the Eagle Brewery on Forth Street between John and Smith Streets. The partnership proved prosperous as the brewery grew to employ 8 men and produce roughly 70 barrels of ale per week by the late 30’s.*

Attee died in 1843 and Lofthouse continued to operate the four story brewery until his death in 1850. In the same year of his death Lofthouse’s widow sold the brewery to brothers Joseph and Johan Schaller who continued to use the Eagle Brewery name. The brothers experienced continual growth until 1857, at which point they built a larger brewery at a different location, which would become known as the Gerke Brewery.

EagleBrewery Attee/Lofthouse & Attee/Eagle Brewery


Eagle Brewery - Cincinnati, OH
excerpt from 1834 Cincinnati city directory