73 Banner Brewing Co. (1885-1900)

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Banner Brewing Co.  (1885-1900)

“The Weyand Brewery Company is a recent incorporation but its incorporators are brewers of long experience Charles John and Peter Weyand were formerly connected with the Weyand Jung Brewing Co These gentlemen with Henry Warwig and A Darusmont are principals in the enterprise Mr Chas Weyand is the President of the stock company Henry Warwig Vice President A Darusmont Secretary and Treasurer The company starts out in the old Miles Greenwood foundry remodeled and reconstructed so as to be almost entirely new These premises they have equipped with the best machinery and apparatus in use and giving the brewery capacity equal to an output of 50,000 barrels They will do a city trade and also cater to that of the adjoining states They have subscribed $300,000 capital and are already meeting with satisfactory assurances that this investment is not misplaced The buildings altogether cover 232 by 180 feet There are two Linde ice machines and as an earnest of their venture a fine clock tower has been built over the Walnut and Canal street corner of the building The incorporators have selected a most favorable location and the fact that all of them are successful business men in this and other lines argues a prosperous issue for this enterprise The Weyand Company made its first brew on May 1st last using a copper steamkettle that holds 175 barrels a mash tub fifteen feet in diameter and a sixty ton Linde ice machine requiring two Corliss engines The cellars in the modern style above ground are 120 by 60 feet and contain fifty nine tubs kept at a temperature of about four degrees above the freezing point The equipment is ample for a capacity of 50,000 to 60,000 barrels which is what the company expect to begin with.”   The Industries of Cincinnati: Her Relations as a Centre of Trade, Andrew Morrison, (1886)

The brewery closed in 1900, and the building was razed in 1911 to make way for the Ohio College of Applied Sciences.

Banner Brewing Co. (1885-1900) canal boat West Carrollton and crew docked along the Miami and Erie Canals, 1905Banner Brewing is the smokestack building in the background in this iconic 1905 canal photo
Banner Brewing Co. (1885-1900) Miami-Erie Canal looking westMiami-Erie Canal looking west … Banner Brewing with smokestack
Banner Brewing Co. (1885-1900)