48 Park Brewery/Niehaus & Klinckhamer Brewery (1858-1896)

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Park Brewery/Niehaus & Klinckhamer Brewery (1858-1896)

The brewery at this location would ultimately derive it’s name from it’s close proximity to Washington Park, which was located just across the street. It was established in 1858 by Mathias Hauser, in partnership with Matthew Bettinger, as M. Hauser & Company. Hauser would juggle several more partners over the next couple of years before selling the small brewery to Joseph Niehaus.

“He (Niehaus) and George Bach bought the Park Brewery with the purpose of producing lager beer which was already very popular in Cincinnati. Before long, Heinrich Klinckhamer bought Bach’s share of the business to become Niehaus’ partner. In 1869 Bernhard Kluemper was hired as the brewmaster of the Park Brewery. Ten years later he was one of the partners in the business. In 1871 the brewery was the ninth largest in the city. The company also operated a bottling works on the same location. The Park Bottling Company bottled other brewers’ beer. Joseph Niehaus died in 1887. Heinrich Klinckhamer Sr. and his son Heinrich Jr., also a partner in the brewery, died in 1888. By 1891 the business was known as the Klinckhamer Brewing Company and was operated by Henry Wolf, president and Henry Niehaus, vice-president. The company closed in 1896. The brewery was razed and the Klinckhamer Apartments was constructed on the site where it still stands.” Cincinnati Breweries, Robert J. Wimberg  (1997)

Park Brewery/Niehaus & Klinckhamer Brewery (1858-1896)Excerpt from 1875 Cincinnati city directory
Park Brewery/Niehaus & Klinckhamer Brewery (1858-1896)