38 Weyand & Jung Brewery (1854-1866)

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"In 1854, [Daniel] Jung enlisted a new partner in Peter Weyand, who helped him to establish a brewery at the site [Central Avenue, just east of Freeman Avenue]. Weyand was a native of Bleiskastel, Germany, born in 1821 and who emigrated to America in 1843. Having spent most of his career in the brewing industry, Weyand had previously worked at Cincinnat's Lofthouse and Franklin Breweries, having been foreman at the latter for several years prior to forming his partnership with Jung. 

Brewing common beer at the beginning, Weyand and Jung added lager beer to their output in 1857, after which they saw a rapid increase in business. By 1868, continued success necessitated the purchase of land two blocks south, at the southwest corner of Freeman Avenue and Bank Street, where they began construction of a new and far larger brewery." Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. V, Robert A. Musson, M.D. (2014)