36 Schneider & Lackman/City Brewery (1853-1867)

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"Herman Lackman and J. H, Sandmann leased the City Brewery of Louis Schneider in 1855. They paid $50 a month for the brewery on Augusta Street. They invested $1600 to buy horses and wagons. Sandmann was the brewer and Lackman delivered the beer. In 1858 because they needed more room, the partners bought property at Sixth and Stone Streets for $13,000. By 1860 they were able to move their new quarters there. Their new plant had a beer cellar that could hold 5000 barrels. They had increased the brewery's output from 2,000 barrels in 1855 to about 6,000 barrels in 1865.

Having established a successful business, Lackman felt confident enough to return to Germany for an extended visit. When he came back to Cincinnati in 1868, after almost three years, he bought Sandmann's share in the company and renamed it the Herman Lackman Brewing Company." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)