35 Glossner Brothers Saloon & Brewery (1853-1863)

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Glossner Brothers Saloon & Brewery (1853-1863)

German brothers Charles and Daniel Glossner opened a small brewery operation at 436 Vine St. (today 1220 Vine St. after the renumbering of the city street plan in the 1890’s), adjacent to their saloon and beer garden. The brothers learned their craft in Nuremberg, Germany, and in 1853 began brewing a “noble beer,” style of lager. The saloon and beer garden offered a fresh product, and soon became a hot-spot for the local German population, who favored this lighter Bavarian style of beer. In 1860 Augustus Glossner joined the operation. In 1864 ownership transferred to Adam Belz.

Glossner Brothers Saloon & Brewery Glossner Brothers lager - CinEnq 1922OCT29
Glossner Brothers lager - <i>Cincinnati Enquirer</i> 29-Oct-1922


1220 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH
1220 Vine Street photo courtesy: CDC

Research site Digging Cincinnati History provides a very detailed history of the building used as the saloon and brewery. The building has been renovated since this photo and is again serving as a commercial site.