28 Hudepohl & Kotte/Buckeye Brewery (1885-1899)

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"In 1885 Louis Hudepohl, Jr. and George H. Kotte sold their liquor store to buy Koehler's Buckeye Brewery on Buckeye Street (now East Clifton) near Frintz Street. By 1886 they produced 25,000 barrels of beer. In 1890 they were up to 40,000 barrels and four years later the brewery turned out over 100,000.

Their sales had increased so much that they had to hire Fredrick Wolf, architect, to design the expansion of the brewery. By 1890 100 men were employed to brew the beer, which included Lager, Munchener, and Dortmunder. The partners were still using the Buckeye Brewery name.

Under the strain of hard work, Kotte died in 1893. He was 56. After his widow's death in 1899, Louis Hudepohl became the sole owner." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)