27 Joseph Niehaus Brewery (1850-1861)

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Joseph Niehaus Brewery  (1850-1861)

“Joseph Niehaus was a native of Hanover, Germany, who had emigrated to America on his own in 1835 at the age of 16. After working at a series of labor-intensive jobs (construction of the Miami Canal, railroad work, and employment in an iron foundry), he began working at Walker’s Ale Brewery in Cincinnati. Around 1850, he established a small saloon and bottling works for ale and porter on Woodward Street (later renamed as 13th Street). By 1861, he had taken on a partner in George Bach, and subsequently purchased the existing Park Brewery…”  Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. V, Robert A. Musson, M.D. (2014)

Excerpt from the 1860 Williams' Cincinnati City Directory
Excerpt from the 1860 Williams’ Cincinnati City Directory