25 Peter Noll/Cincinnati Brewery (1848-1850)

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Peter Noll/Cincinnati Brewery  (1848-1850)

Peter Noll was a Bavarian native who immigrated to Cincinnati by way of Philadelphia. Noll is listed in city directories as owning a coffee house, another term for a saloon at the time, and in 1848 opened up a small lager brewery on Vine St. between 13th and 14th to supplement his saloon. After just two years Noll sold his brewer and opened up a coffee house (saloon) on the east side of Vine Street just south of Hamilton Rd (McMicken) in the Northern Liberties area.

Peter Noll/Cincinnati Brewery  (1848-1850)
Peter Noll 1849-50 Williams City Directiory
Cincinnati brewer Peter Noll in 1877

Cincinnati brewer Peter Noll in 1877