24 Herancourt/Philadelphia Brewery (1847-1918)

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" George Herancourt erected his brewery on Harrison Pike at Ernst Station (now considered Fairmount) in 1847. He brewed 14 barrels a day. By 1851 he began to brew lager beer and the business increased dramatically. A year later he built large storage cellars and took all of his orders for beer by contract signed at Christmas time. Others who wished to buy when their own suppliers ran out during the summer were refused.

Herancourt sold his interest in the City Brewery of Columbus in 1864. Also he purchased the 'Box Brewery' built by his brother Peter in 1854 on the corner of Central and Kindel (then Hamilton Rd. and Denman).

At first, Herancourt's brewery on Harrison was known as the Philadelphia Brewery. Later that name was discontinued. It became the G.M. Herancourt Brewery. The name Herancourt Brewing Company was taken when the business was incorporated in 1881 with capital of $500,000. The output of the brewery in first year was 600 barrels and by 1893 was 35,000. The brewery occupied six acres then.

George Herancourt died on June 29, 1880. By 1894 Rudolph Lutterby was president and treasurer; Louis A. Herancourt, superintendent; and the directors: B. Herancourt, F. Egner, M. Egner, John Hauck and M. Schwartz; Casimer Werk was vice-president.

Lutterby had been associated with the malt business of Lutterby and Muhlhauser. Also he once had quarried stone from the hills in Fairmount near the Herancourt Brewery.

When the Herancourt Brewery closed in 1918, Philip Krug was president, treasurer, and general manager. The brewery never reopened." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)