17 Covington Lager Brewery (1837-1881)

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"Peter Jonte, a native of France, began this brewery in 1837. He also had a brewery in Cincinnati. In 1845 he sold his Covington plant at Sixth and Scott Streets to Charles Geisbauer, who enlarged the brewery and made it a thriving business. Then in 1881 the Covington Lager Beer Brewery was sold to John Brenner and John Seiler." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)

excerpt from The Kentucky and Ohio Journal newspaper, 1838

Notice that in 1838 the Covington (KY) Brewery was at the "foot of Scott street" and was "immediately south of Covington" meaning that 6th Street was the southern boundary at the time.

The building lot was on what would become the SE corner of 6th and Scott and serve as a brewery location all the way up until prohibition.