14 Wood & Middlewood/Western Brewery (1834-1849)

Thomas Wood was one of the first commercial brewers in Cincinnati, and had been a partner in multiple of Cincinnati's earliest breweries.

"By 1834, Wood was joined by George Middlewood Sr. and George Middlewood Jr. to establish the Western Brewery on the southwest corner of Fourth and Western Row (later Central Avenue). They produced 60 barrels of beer a week and employed 8 men. Thomas Wood and George Middlewood Jr. were the brewers while the older Middlewood kept the books." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)

The company became wholly owned by the Middlewoods after 1843, and operated under the name Buckeye Brewery (not to be confused with the later brewery of the same name) until 1849. 

Western Brewery - Cincinnati, OH
excerpt from 1834 Cincinnati city diirectory