12 C & J Schultz/Washington Brewery (1830-1865)

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"Established in 1830 by brothers Conrad and Johann Schultz, the Washington Brewery stood directly on the Ohio River bank at 485 East Fourth Street, near the intersection of Main Street and the mouth of Deer Creek. A native of Strassbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, France, Conrad Schultz was born in 1769 and had come to America soon after the turn of the century. Once in operation, the brewery did a brisk business, producing roughly 100 barrels of common beer each week while employing eight to ten men. By 1840, Conrad had assumed ownership of the plant, and shortly thereafter it was under the management of his sons Conrad, Jr., Charles, Henry, and William. Conrad, Sr. died in 1850, after which his sons continued to run the company until its closure in 1865. Conrad Schultz, Jr. would later return to the brewing industry as part owner of the Walker Brewery for a number of years."  Brewing Beer in the Queen City, Vol. V, Robert A. Musson, M.D. (2014)

Washing Brewery - Cincinnati, OH
excerpt from 1834 Cincinnati city directory