10 Jackson Brewing Co. (1889-1942)

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In 1887 George Weber had declared bankruptcy after over extending himself in real estate ventures. In 1889 Leo A. Brigel, E.W. Kittredge, and Lawrence Maxwell, attorneys, purchased the George Weber Brewing Company. The flagship beer that they brewed was called Jackson Pure Old Lager Beer. In 1919, Prohibition would result in the breweries closure.

"After the repeal of Prohibition, Jackson became the property of Squibb-Pattison Breweries, Inc. Nathaniel E. Squibb was president; Henry S. Pattison, vice-president; Warner Sayers, vice president; Robert A. Kramer, secretary; E.F. Thornburn, Auditor; and assistant Treasurer. Pattison was also Treasurer. After they could not make the brewery a viable enterprise, they sold it to a group of Detroit investors. The business was reincorporated as the Jackson Brewing Company, and they added a bottling plant on McMicken Avenue. However, they too faced financial problems and had to close the brewery in 1942." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)

Jackson Brewing Co. - Cincinnati, OH
excerpt from 1890 Cincinnati city directory