57 Red Top Brewing Co. (1933-1957)

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"Louis Ullman and Edgar Mack Sr., partners since 1904, operated the Red Top Malting Company during Prohibition. In 1933 still at the old Hauck Brewery on Central Avenue, they began to brew Red Top Beer which became quite popular locally. In the beginning, they sold about 50,000 barrels of beer a year, but by 1939 they sold 259,000 annually.

In 1946 Ullman and Mack bought the old Clyffside Brewery on McMicken Avenue and Stonewall Street for over $1,000,000. In the following year production was increased to 650,000 barrels of beer annually. Howard Ullman was made president in 1951 and he pushed the company to become one of the largest breweries in Ohio. The beer was sold in twenty states. 

However, profits started to decline as the fifties progressed. In 1954, in hopes of boosting falling sales figures, the company hired Tommy Heinrich, a former baseball star, as president. Then Wunderbrau Beer, 'Das Trocknen Lager' was introduced. An expensive television helped increase sales of the new beer, but only temporarily. Frank Scoby of Better Brands, Inc., which distributed Miller Beer out of Chicago, gained control of the Red Top Brewery. Tommy Heinrich resigned. He had lost $1,000,000 in three years through his management. The brewery closed in 1957.

In 1955 Red Top Produced Red Top, Barbarossa, Twenty Grand Ale, Red Top Ale, and Wunderbrau." Cincinnati Breweries, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)