57 Hauck & Windisch/Dayton St Brewery (1863-1882)

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"John Hauck and John Ulrich Windisch started their brewery in 1863 on Dayton Street near Central Avenue. They purchased five acres of land upon which to build their factory. Water from the Miami-Erie Canal was used to fill the steam boilers that provided the power for the machinery. Hauck and Windisch also called their business the Dayton Street Brewery which produced its first beer in 1864. A total of 10,000 barrels came out that year. They produced 32,000 barrels in 1877.

Two years later, Hauck bought Windisch's share of the business. Nephew Paul William John Hauck joined the brewery in 1876 as the bookkeaper and Fredrick J. Werner, who was employed by Hauck around this time, became the clerk.

By 1881 the Dayton Street brewery produced 160,000 barrels of beer. The success of the business is evident. When Windisch died in 1879, Hauck bought his share for $550,000 and organized a new corporation. One thousand shares of stock were issued and sold for $1000 a share. John Hauck held 940 shares; P.W.J. Hauck, 10 shares; F. Werner, 25; George Engel, 3; Andrew Dieterle, 10; Albert Carry, 10; Wilhelm Klump, 1; and Jacob Fresch Sr., 1. On September 16, 1882 the John Hauck Brewing Company was officially incorporated." Cincinnati Breweries, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)