43 Ziegler & Conradi/Kossuth Brewery (1855-1866)

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Ziegler & Conradi/Kossuth Brewery  (1855-1866)

“Established in 1855, the Kossuth Brewery stood at 490 Vine Street (at the southeast corner of 14th Street). It’s name came from Hungarian freedom fighter Lajos Kossuth, who had come to the city several years earlier to give speeches during a tour of the United States. Widely revered for helping spread democracy in Europe, his presence was impressive enough to warrant the naming of the brewery in his honor. Operated by Bavarian natives John Ziegler, Henry Conradi, and Johann Zeltner at the outset, it was being operated by Ziegler alone by 1860. He continued operations through 1866, when the plant closed.” Brewing Beer in the Queen City, v.1-6, Robert M. Musson, M.D.  (2014)