28 Koehler (Kachler)/Buckeye Brewery (1850-1870)

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"Gottfried Koehler, (1813-1870), was born in Weiniss, Oberfranken (Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, converted his barrel making shop into a brewery in 1850. His brother Henry was his partner. Conrad Windisch was superintendent of this small brewery on Buckeye Street from 1851 to 1854. He left to join Christian Moerlein at his brewery.

Koehlers's Buckeye Brewery last through the 1860's, but was closed by 1871. Today Buckeye Street is called East Clifton Avenue.

The John Kauffman Brewing Company owned this brewery when it was purchased by Louis Hudepohl, Jr. and George Kotte in 1885. They retained the name 'Buckeye Brewery'." Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)