17 John Brenner/New Kentucky Brewery (1881-1917)

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“In 1881 the Covington Lager Brewery was sold to John Brenner and John Seiler. Three years later, Brenner brought out his partner. The Brewery and malt houses were each four stories tall and built of brick. The beer was brewed and bottled by fifty employees who in 1886 put out 30,000 barrels.

Brenner, born in Germany, had been a partner of Henry Foss and William Schneider at their brewery in Cincinnati; however he decided to start his own business. After Brenner’s death, Charles Fink, the superintendent became president of the company. The other officer in 1895 was Clemens H. Bramlage, Secretary. They produced ‘I X L Lager Beer’, advertised as ‘Always cool and fresh and sold everywhere.’

In 1905, A.J. Lauer was president; Charles Fink vice-president; and Charles Gerlach, secretary and treasurer. Fink was the son of Brenner’s successor. In the Covington Brewery’s last year, 1916, Phillipp Jung, nephew of Daniel Jung, the Cincinnati brewer, became president; John Armleder, vice-president; Augene Asimus, treasurer; and H.M. McLean, secretary.

In 1917, Jung took over the brewery, which became the Phillipp Jung Brewing Company, still commonly referred to as the Covington Brewery. Jung’s son Phillipp was vice-president and John B. Bommersheim, secretary and treasurer.

The brewery closed in 1918, and never reopened. The office at the corner of Pike and Scott Streets is the only building that remains.” Cincinnati Breweries, Second Edition, Robert J. Wimberg (1997)

John Brenner Brewing Co. - Covington, KY